Friday, August 19, 2016

Mostly positive or mostly negative?

I was wondering if we are getting mostly positive messages or mostly negative ones in our social media feeds.

So I asked.

Blog to Action - Positive or Negative
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Bad things are happening in the world, but are they the only things we're seeing in social media because they're considered more shareable or "newsworthy"?  There are also good things that happen and there are positive stories about how people are dealing with the bad in the world, but do we regularly hear about those stories too?

I posted two informal surveys today (which I'll leave open for a week) to ask both Twitter users and Facebook users if they are seeing more positive items or more negative ones in their timelines and news feeds.

If you haven't taken either single question survey yet, please do so and share one with your friends (links included below).  Also feel free to comment on this post to share what you think the most common answer will be.  I'll share an update here with the final results next week.

Until then, I ask that you also think about what you're choosing to pass on yourself the next time you post, share, tweet, or re-tweet.  Are you passing on more negativity or positivity?  I do hope that it's the latter.

The Twitter survey can be found here -

The Facebook survey can be found here -

I look forward to sharing and discussing the results with you soon.

[UPDATE]: Survey results can be found here - results.

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