Friday, December 9, 2016

A Blogger's Nightmare - 0 Active Users

"Right now 0 active users on site" - bloggers and website owners don't want to see this.  They likely dread the possibility of seeing this presented in their Google Analytics Real-Time data view.

Blog to Action - avoid having 0 active users

As a blogger trying to be heard by the masses, this is something I certainly don't like to see.  Blog to Action readership has grown, but there are still times when there are 0 active users.

With over 3 billion people using the internet, how could it possibly be that absolutely no one is currently visiting?  What do you do to get website traffic with thousands of engaged visitors?

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First, thank you for visiting and being at least 1 active user right now.  I appreciate it.  Please come back again.

Admittedly, this is not my usual positive blog post like Share Positive Pictures Today, Say Thank You, or Be Kind to Someone Today.  This is instead a small peek behind the blogging scenes.

If you're not familiar with Google Analytics, it is a great tool that can be used to analyze website performance.  I continue to learn from the data it presents.  If you're a blog owner and want to learn more, consider taking Google Analytics Essential Training.

Be warned that watching the Real-Time performance data can be addictive.  It can be exciting to see the current active user count climb just after publishing a blog post.  Seeing the count dip as readers finish with content can leave you craving for the next traffic spike and wondering how high that next spike will be.

Optimally, the user count won't drop to 0 active users.  That can be a blogger's nightmare.

Blog to Action - Active Users
CC0 image courtesy G. Altmann on Pixabay

Since Blog to Action is a blog about recognizing that time is precious and taking positive action now, I won't use our time to repeat here a lot of what has been shared elsewhere about how to get website traffic.

4 of my lessons learned while avoiding "0 Active Users":
  1. Some online communities don't like self-promotion and consider self-promoting posts to be spam.  Be sure to understand community rules before sharing website links.
  2. Be careful when purchasing inexpensive website traffic.  You often get what you pay for - automated bot or zombie traffic that does no good for you or affiliate advertisers.
  3. Sharing on social media can generate good website traffic.  Consider Social Media Marketing Training and Tutorials.
  4. You don't have to work alone.  There are plenty of people willing to provide their services to help you generate more website traffic.  Check out offers on Fiverr and Moonlighting.
These are just a few of my lessons learned so far as I continue blogging and focusing on gaining more website traffic.  I'll continue to occasionally share lessons like these in the future.

Thank you again for keeping me from having "0 Active Users".

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